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Relief Updates:               

    On Nov. 18th, a charity concert entitled "Famine for Love" was held in the Munhwa Ilbo concert hall in Sodaemun featuring internationally recognized classical pianist, Sam Rotman, and well-known Korean soprano and professor of voice, Chang Sun Kyung. The concert was sponsored by Ton-a-Month Club and proceeds were given to feed and provide winter clothes for North Korean children who have fled North Korea into the adjoining provinces of China.

    Ton-a-Month founder Tim Peters and his wife made their first personal delivery of 5 tons of wheat flour to a noodle factory the North Korean town of Rajin in late June, 1999.

    In the past months, the correspondent from the major US network CBS radio stationed in Korea and a member of the Ton-a-Month Club for over a year, handed us $500 for famine relief. To our surprise, he explained that his participation in Ton a Month Club assisted him in obtaining a key position at UNICEF in the Congo for which he'll be leaving this week.

    Elementary school children and their teacher from a US military base in Kyushu, Japan collected and sent to the Ton-a-Month Club a check amounting to $600 to help relieve hunger among children in North Korea after seeing a front-page article about our work in the Sunday edition of Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper.

    A Korean tailor and devoted Christian friend of Ton-a-Month Club, recently gave us an envelope containing about $88 for famine relief when we dropped by to see him even though the Korean economy is undergoing severe hardships since the IMF recovery program began just one year ago.

    A Michigan community newspaper entitled Mature Michiganians that reaches people in the age range of over-50 in the state capital of Lansing and mid-Michigan USA area carried a full description of our Ton-a-Month program under the title "Missionary to North Korea asks for help from locals".

    A major South Korean TV broadcasting station, MBC, interviewed Tim about ways Korea can improve its volunteer programs and Ton-a-Month Club was mentioned as one of our projects.

    Korea Herald printed a full page article in their Friday, March 12th edition about the Ton-a-Month Club and a recent fact-finding mission taken by Tim and another volunteer to the North Korean/China border. (This article is available in the archives of the Korea Herald Internet Web site-- Approximately 6 tonsĄŻ worth of donations were given in response to this article.